The people behind Recyclekaro

We are a bunch of like-minded, forward-thinking professionals who banded together to create a company that is determined to make a difference. Meet our mavericks who’ve dared to dream of a cleaner, healthier world.


Rajesh Gupta


Rajesh Gupta won't let your efforts go to waste. Literally! Because what's trash to you, is treasure to Rajesh, who gave up a lucrative family business in early 2000, to follow his dream. He ccombined his love for the planet and respect for humanity, into an award-winning organisation with a triple bottomline approach--People, Planet and Profits.

Having spent the last 8 years in researching and implementing various techniques for recycling paper, metal and electronic waste, RecycleKaro is also the first and only lithium and nickel batteries recycling unit in India.

His trash-to-riches initiative has helped several large organisations to effectively eliminate waste from the source. His indigenous electronic and metal recycling unit in Wada helps companies recover and convert waste into re-usable raw materials. When he isn't flying kites or trekking in the Sahyadris, Rajesh lends his expertise to help companies outside India set up similar homegrown and indigenous practices to treat waste using minimum energy.


Rupesh Chitte


If anything moves in RecycleKaro, Rupesh Chitte is probably behind it. With a Bachelors of Management Studies, Rupesh handles logistics management for the entire organisation. From coordinating and organising resources for transportation, to supply and monitoring of goods, his energetic spirit can't rest until the work at hand is done.

Rupesh's positive energy is contagious. And his reliable, creative and compassionate nature has stood him in good stead while dealing with everyone from scrap merchants to CEOs of multinational firms.

Rupes's tryst with RecycleKaro started on a chance meeting with Rajesh who was on a cleanup drive. The concept sounded exciting and Rupesh decided to join RecycleKaro in doing his bit for the planet. When enthusiasm turned into a sense of satisfaction, he knew he had found his calling. From merely going on cleanup drives, Rupesh gradually took on more responsibilities, and has never looked back.