Our Services

When it comes to avoiding a pile up at a landfill, RecycleKaro leaves no stone unturned. It is our determination to reduce and reuse as much waste as we can. We have been authorisation by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board for the collection, storage, dismantling and recycling of:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • E-waste (hazardous)
  • Battery/used oil (hazardous)
  • Metal scrap
  • Furniture
  • Industrial waste management

We also offer:

  • CSR collaborations
  • Demolition & reinstatement of commercial spaces
  • Responsible disposal of waste, after demolition
  • Discreet shredding of confidential documents before recycling
  • Scheduled pickup for all your recyclable material
  • Training seminars for schools, colleges and organisations
  • Acknowledgment certification for organisations that routinely recycle
  • Sustainable corporate gifting solutions
  • Awareness drives

A cleaner future is just around the corner. Call us today.