Our Plant
Reactors with 2.7 lakh liters of leaching capacity
Reactors with 2.7 lakh liters of leaching capacity
Reactors with 2.7 lakh liters of leaching capacity
Reactors with 2.7 lakh liters of leaching capacity
Our Innovations
Our Innovations
  • Recyclekaro is the only company in India to successfully extract lithium out of end-of-life lithium-ion batteries (Patent filing in progress)
  • Recyclekaro is the largest manufacturer of recycled cobalt in India, with help of our inhouse R&D and continuous Improvements in extraction processes
  • All metals extracted by Recyclekaro are at recovery efficiency of 90% + and purity of 99%+
  • Recyclekaro is successful in extraction of platinum and rhodium metals out of spent vehicle catalysts
  • Recyclekaro has set up an inhouse process to extract PGM group of metals out of e-waste i.e., Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
  • Recyclekaro is successful in extraction Neobium, Neodymium our of Nd Magnets

Strategy To Success

To make e-waste and lithium-ion battery recycling environmentally responsible and profitable, follow these key strategies:

Market Research and Business Plan

  • Research market demand and competition.
  • Create a detailed business plan.

Legal Compliance:

  • Comply with waste and environmental regulations.
  • Obtain necessary permits.

Location and Facility Setup:

  • Choose a suitable location
  • Set up with proper equipment and safety measures

Equipment and Technology:

  • Invest in advanced recycling equipment.
  • Implement technology for efficient sorting and recycling.

Supply Chain Management

  • Create convenient drop-off/pickup systems
  • Partner with manufacturers for battery supply

Recycling Process:

  • Train staff in safe and efficient practices
  • Establish efficient recycling processes
  • Ensure proper disposal and recycling

Environmental Sustainability

  • Focus on eco-friendly practices
  • Implement waste treatment and pollution control
  • Work towards sustainability certifications

Marketing and Branding

  • Develop a strong environmental brand
  • Market to businesses, agencies, and individuals
  • Provide educational resources

Revenue Generation:

  • Generate revenue from fees and material sales
  • Stay updated on industry trends

Continuous Improvement

  • Regularly assess and improve processes
  • Stay updated on industry trends.

Financial Management

  • Maintain detailed financial records and budgets.
  • Secure funding for growth.

Health and Safety

  • Prioritize employee safety.
  • Establish and update safety protocols.


Along the recycling journey of 13+ years, our work has been appreciated for the contributions towards waste recycling.

Seeds Award- Young Achievement Award 2015
Asian Green Business Award 2015
Recycling Business of The Year (2017) by World CSR Congress
Appreciation award by WTERT India (2018)

Our Certificates