The only Company in India to extract Lithium from Battery Scrap

Recyclekaro focuses on completing the value chain of a circular economy, to recycle waste, extract valuable resources and supply them as raw materials to manufacturers.

We need to work together to meet our Nations goal of Net Zero Emissions

The e-waste generation is increasing at an average rate of 23% per annum based on last 5 years data. While there is spike in use of Electric Vehicles in India and across globe. They key metals used in Battery manufacturing are not available in India and need to be imported.

Recyclekaro has experience in extracting these metals out of batteries and which makes Recyclekaro a right choice to become a strategic partner and sustainable supplier for the metals used in Battery Manufacturing.

Why we need Recycling

As per CPCB data for last 5 financial years only 25% of e-waste is recycled in India.

Recycling Solution

Evergreen Recyclekaro: India's largest producer of recycled Cobalt with 14 years of experience in providing sustainable recycling solutions.​

E-Waste Recycling

Annual capacity to recycle 7500 MT of electronics waste, and with 13+ years of experience in recycling industry. We have specialized the process to extract precious metals from e-waste like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, and able to recycle effectively.

Battery Recycling

Recycle batteries to extract Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Copper and Aluminum. Quality of our products is of more than 99% purity. Our products are in the market for more than 3 years and we are able to meet the supply demands.

Material Extraction

We have specialized in hydrometallurgy technology to extract metals from black mass or from the hydroxide ores with more than 90% efficiency and with more than 99% purity. We recycle e-waste and put the raw materials back into the circular economy.

Office Demolition

Since pandemic we have helped to demolish numerous corporate offices, which were closed due to work from home policies. We undertake office demolition activities and recycle all types of waste like office furniture, light fittings, IT products and electrical wiring.

Our Contribution to Circular Economy

Evergreen Recyclekaro has been working towards increasing the recycling quantity of waste and support Indian economy to bring back usable metals out of waste. 

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Let's Join To Build The Better World Together

Recycle Karo is one of the few organizations authorized by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) for Recycling of Electrical and Electronic wastes with yearly e-waste recycling capacity of 7500 MT. Being ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 45001:2018 & (R2:2013) certified organization, Recycle Karo ensures good quality services and environmentally responsible operations.

Our Strategy to Sucess

We are constantly engaged with right people with common goals and improve the recycling processes everyday to achieve stable growth.


Recyclekaro is pro-active in acquiring technologies and strengthening the inhouse R&D to equip with latest technology and always be ahead of competition.​


Recyclekaro has strategically partnered with businesses with long term vision of building sustainable solutions and be a part of the circular economy​


Constant engagement with industries, refinement in technology, improved quality, optimized processes has helped us to be a step ahead in providing sustainable solutions.​


Recyclekaro has been successfully recycling the e-waste using environment friendly processes and putting the recycled metals back into circular economy.

Working towards zero emissions

Zero waste discharge plant for metal extraction

We run a zero discharge plant which follows environment friendly and cost effective processes to recycle e-waste. Which makes us a sustainable partner for businesses we work with. We are able to provide more efficiency in less cost and help India achieve it's target to net zero emissions.

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Our Core

Meet Our Team

We started our journey of recycling back in 2010 with paper recycling and gradually recycling of e-waste and all type of Lithium-ion batteries. We have collective experience of more than 150 years into recycling and extraction of metals out of waste, which keeps us ahead of curve in the competition with Strong Team and Sustainable Technology.

Rajesh Gupta

Founder, Director

Rupesh Chitte


Rajiv Sanghvi

Operations Director

Awards & Recognitions

Along the recycling journey of 13+ years, our work has been appreciated for the contributions towards waste recycling.

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