Evergreen RecycleKaro(India) Pvt. Ltd. provides solutions towards creating an eco-friendly society and work places. Our product can be used at home or in your office to access, arrange, order, archive, group, protect and search documents. Through the use of this software we also intend to make it easier to reduce paper and print usage required during flow of documents from one office or desk to another.

Cross Platform
Install on your favourite OS
Multi-Level Security
Assign security at various levels
Document Tracker
Track your documents
Scan Documents
Scan documents to your Inbox
Instant OCR
Convert your images to text as soon as they are scanned
Advanced Search
Multiple search modes
Mobile Client
Mobilise your documents
Cross Platform

Get started instantly
on your favourite operating

The application is written in Java and is wholly portable to all the operating systems that have a java runtime environment available. Please visit the Sun Java website for details on all supported platforms.

Some system specific functionality might not be available on some operating systems. For example, the windows Send To functionality is not available for Linux and Mac machines in the current build.