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Why Do I need GreenDocs?

Why Do I need SynergyConnect?
Reduced Storage
Save on valuable real estate that would be otherwise required when you are managing and storing paper records.
Flexible Indexing
SynergyConnect uses an indexing engine to store indexes for its searched values, thus making the search process faster and well organized
Disaster Recovery
It is very easy to take backups through the SynergyConnect interface. These backups can be restored whenever required.
Advanced Search
Advanced search utility helps you look for a required document using a set of search parameters that could include name, tag values, inner content or date modified
Improved Security
SynergyConnect provides various roles and responsibilities that can be configured when the system is being setup to improve the access to the system
Quick Retrieval
Stored and archived data is indexed in 3 ways. First when they are tagged, second when they are assigned to a template and third using embedded or intrinsic content. The fast retrieval of documents helps you locate data much faster as compared to a manual search through archived data
Document Distribution
SynergyConnect provides you a variety of options to export data into various formats like TIFF, JPEG, ZIP, Protected ZIP, CD, etc.
Integration Enabled
SynergyConnect is web services enabled and the WSDL files can be used to quickly integrate this system into any other exiting enterprise system.
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