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Value Proposition

Value Proposition 

Value proposition for a green society: recyclekaro offers services that are beneficial to the consumers of paper and related products by buying the used paper at market costs and creating a proper channel for its recycling.  

Value proposition for end users of compost material:  Compost is a valuable soil amendment that improves many soil properties, such as porosity, structural and thermal stability, water retention, resistance to wind and water erosion, and tillage. Compost also decreases soil crusting, regulates storage and release of nutrients, enhances the development of beneficial microorganisms, builds up plant resistance to parasites and disease, and promotes faster root development. Plants and crops treated properly with compost may produce higher yields and have less weed growth. Chemical fertilizers do not offer this value. produces compost using flowers that are offered to dietiesin temples and at home. This ensures lesser polutionof waters which is generally the most common place where such waste is disposed off.

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