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Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling

We use paper in so many ways in our lives from newspapers, documents, tissues, toilet paper, wrapping paper and many more. In fact paper has played an important role in the development of human civilization since its invention.


But today, we find ourselves using and wasting paper without a second thought forgetting that every paper comes from the cutting of a tree. With easy access to photocopiers and printers we are wasting paper like never before.


By wasting paper, we are contributing to shedding of trees and helping water pollution and global warming.


Did you know?- For every ton of paper, the paper industry uses 2.8 tons of timber and 24,000 gallons of water along with electricity and other resources.


You can play a part in saving our planet by recycling paper. Recycling helps us in many ways it not only saves trees but also utilizes waste material like paper, cotton rags and unwanted biomass.



Recycle paper and….

  • Reduce waste- Paper constitutes for a significant amount of municipal waste.
  • No Disposal problem- Since paper which would go to landfill is recycled, there is less waste.
  • Conserve energy- more than 60-70% of energy to produce virgin paper is saved!
  • Save resources- Recycled paper uses 55% less water and helps in preserving our forests
  • Reduce pollution- Recycled paper reduces water pollution by 35%, reduces air pollution by 74%, and eliminates many toxic pollutants


Recycle Paper at home!
1.  Shred the waste paper and soak it overnight in water.

 Blend it in a mixer-grinder with a paste of fenugreek (methi) seeds. For colour, add natural colouring agents like Turmeric powder  (Haldi), etc.
3. Put water in a pan with a wire-mesh inside.
4. Pour a cup of the blended paper pulp over the mesh and spread it evenly.
5. Lift the mesh and drain the water.
6. Place the mesh on one side of an open newspaper and close the newspaper.
7. Carefully flip the newspaper so that the mesh is on top of the pulp.
 8. Press a flat wooden board on the newspaper to squeeze out water.
9. Open the newspaper and take out the mesh.
10. Keep the newspaper open for drying. Dried leaves and petals can be spread on the sheet while it is wet.

11. Once dried, peel off the sheet from the newspaper.
12. Lightly iron the sheet under a piece of moist muslin cloth.

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