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You may be passionate about a cause or the subject of your training. However, most trainers and educators have inherent personal limitations in their presentations. In this scenario, films and documentaries provide effective tool to engage audience of all strata and convey the message. Here are few short films, animations and documentaries useful for trainers and suitable for formal and informal interactions on various aspects of SWM. These can help you as precursor of complex issues or to reinforce leanrnings from a session.


Story Time: Globally popular series of short-films from Free Range Studios and Tides Center to understand various SWM aspects like hazards of mismanagement of solid waste; magnitude of shopping waste and electronic waste etc.

 Story of Stuff, 2007:

 The Story of Electronics, 2010:

 The Story of Change, 2012:


·  Animals Save The Planet


A set of short, funny yet effective animations from ‘Animal Planet’


·Hazardous Household Waste Management Animation


·Reduce Reuse Recycle (In That Order)


·  India’s E-waste Recycling Industry


· Use me by Anindya Basu

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