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Collection procedure

Collection Procedure

if you have faced problems with your current waste Management process, there is no need to worry Recyclekaro will make things easy with a smooth transistion over to ourselves.


Online Account Details

All new customers also receive login detail to a secure user account whereby they will be able to download recycling reports, carbon reduction reports and see when there next collection is scheduled. Customers can even book collections through their online portal. Customers will be assigned an  individual “Recyclekaro” that will look after their account and answer and queries and question e.g. possibility of recycling a new material, booking an additional collection. Whatever the query, an Recyclekaro team member will be there to help.

An email and or telephone call will be made by our friendly and helpful staff to confirm a collection day. If the unlikely event that a collection is missed, you will be notified when the next collection will be made.

On  the day of collection

Our highly experience lorry drivers will call and help load our  recycling vehicles. Our drivers all carry id badges to confirm that they are from Recyclekaro
(If a new customer, the driver will mark the bales for weighing at our facility afterwards). A recycling docket will be issued to the customers stating exactly what recyclables  and quantity collected.

Bale Weights

On return to our recycling facility our driver weighs in on the weighbridge, and then starts to offload. A new customers clearly marked  bales are weighed on a  scales and marked on the drivers sheet. The sheet is then posted in to our office staff, that upload the weights and bale quantity to the individual user login.

Recycling Reports

A comprehensive recycling report, detailing what and how much you have recycled will be automatically emailed to you at the end of each month. They are also available to download from your secure client portal at your convenience. The number of trees and Co2 you have saved by recycling will also be detailed. It will even state how many cars equivalent you have taken off the road by recycling. It is all part our commitment to our customers and demonstrating that you are making a real difference to the environment.


Depending on your requirements, Recyclekaro can arrange payment/Barter to suit your needs . Clients are paid at the end of each month  directly into their bank account when they send an invoice onto us. Other clients prefer three monthly and six monthly payments, to reduce administration work. We work with whatever suits you.

Customer Speak

Enough of us talking about ourselves. Here is the truth straight out of horse’s mouth, here are our customers talking about our service.



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