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Clean Earth Campaign

Clean Earth Campaign


Leaders may have disappointed the entire world in global negotiations over climate change, but one group is getting-set to crack the champagne young volunteers from all over Mumbai to work together for sustainable development. Reckyclekaro was formed with a belief in self preservation, the motto being ‘I am I plus my surrounding; without the latter I cease to exist’. One of our key objectives is to spread awareness of how something as simple as recycling newspaper or the flowers you offer during prayers, can help save our plants and reduce your carbon footprints. To make things simple, Recyclekaro will deploy volunteers all over the city to collect newspaper and flowers from homes and offices of those who sign up on the website. The flowers will be turned into compost, the newspapers into recyclable papers.

We are receiving an overwhelming response from businesses that dispose off plenty of papers and hope for similar response from other stakeholders like housing colonies and academic institutes.
Beside the regular collection of recycle waste, we have volunteers who regularly visit schools and colleges and educate the students on the importance of attaining a clean environment and healthy surroundings.

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