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Campaigns on Solid Waste Management

Campaigns on Solid Waste Management

Campaigns can provide excellent opportunity to engage peers, take representative actions and showcase your efforts on SWM. Here are few popular Indian and international campaigns wherein your organization can participate. Do not forget to report your activities and accomplishments on their respective websites.

Paperless Day campaign by the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi. Do download and use handy resources such as action plan, presentation, paper audit methodology, case study template, paper buying guide, paper’s environmental impacts etc. on


Minus One Project is a simple, one-step, easy to-do initiative intended to slow down the deforestation rate across the world. All one has to do is reduce the font size of a document by 1 before printing. By adopting Minus One, we can reduce the paper consumption for printouts considerably, almost up to 50%. Learn more and participate by visiting


India Recycle Day is celebrated every year on 20th May. Learn more about Recycling and contribute your bit through ‘Chintan’s factsheet on

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