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About Recyclekaro

About Recyclekaro

 Recyclekaro provides integrated waste management solutions in Mumbai Metropolitian Region (MMR). We are an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified company and authorised by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) for Solid Waste Management Solutions. The company offers training, collections, transfer and recycled product development as its core services. RK is also forming a channel for collection and recycling of electronic waste. 

When RK began there were many unknowns but we kept faith in the vision, and today, has grown from a company of 6 people to a company of 30. It now has 3 collection centers and a good pipeline of corporate clients for its paper and e-waste disposal plan. RK is perhaps the only company to have crossed the 65 ton waste collection mark over just a small period of 4 months. The recently started RK compost making division based in Wada is handing out complimentary compost to its existing members and hopes to soon begin a sales chain which is tied into the collections network.

Operational Excellence being part of our vision, the team has taken on the singular and onerous responsibility of creating world-class collection facilities with robust processes in building the managed chain, setting up an extensive collection network and providing insights into the mind of the Indian consumer. The company's growth in the waste paper market in India stems from an intrinsic ability to reach out and come closer to its customers whose number grow with every passing month. At the moment, our services are offered to more than 12,000 touch points, comprising a mix of corporate clients, schools and colleges located across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.


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